I would like to test running gear for the average passionate runner

I’m an average runner with a lovely family and at the moment unemployed. However I’m re-educating and hoping that if I’ve made the correct choices I can follow my dream of becoming a full time blogger for runners and aspiring runners world wide, through social media. I’ve a blog and would like to start reviews of different running gear and apparel. In order for me to do this I would need the likes of your companies.ie Nike,Brooks,New Balance,Adidas,Garmin,Polar etc to put your faith in a really passionate and totally ordinary runner who has been struggling with a shoulder injury and depression. Running has helped me so much in the past nearly two years. I’m a big build of a runner and am heavy footed.
It has occurred to me that heavy footed runners are not really catered for with some brands. Running socks style and the elite runners who are naturally light footed don’t in my opinion need a very supportive sock. I would like to be the person who can try new runners,socks and apparel.
I am currently training my body again to run ultra marathons. So trying out new distance running shoes and coats for both winter and summer.
So if you are keen or willing to put your faith in someone who just loves running and aspires to achieve Ultras and other challenges in the future please get in touch with me @therunningman on twitter or theultraman on Garminconnect.

Thank you if you take the time to read this. It would be most appreciated

Not setting the alarm clock

I woke this morning with a shout from my beloved that we’d slept it in. This was a good and bad thing as I had planned to go out for 15km run this morning that’s definitely a no no.. Now! The good thing about it is that I’ve 2 very stiff calves and a mid training break might do the world of good. As it is I’m still in 2 minds because I could rock the boat and tell my lovely wife that I’m heading out for a run and be scorned and called all the names under the Irish sun..?! I guess I’ll be a good boy and stay home:)